Monday, May 14, 2012

Dental Mouthpiece For Sleep Apnea

Dental mouthpiece for sleep apnea
How dental mouthpiece for sleep apnea can help sleep apnea sufferers? Sleep apnea is about a condition when our body couldn't have enough rest and it will lead to tiredness and some other unhealthy condition. Sleep apnea is related to abnormal breathing issue while sleeping and usually it is caused by the blockade of our airway.  Some treatments were done in order to cure sleep apnea. Medication and the use of device are involved in this treatment. One of the treatments for sleep apnea is by using a dental device. This dental device is form in a dental mouthpiece for sleep apnea. 

The dental mouthpiece for sleep apnea is aimed to aid mild level sleep apnea. It is a customized mouthpiece device for each individual with sleep apnea to adjust the position of the jaw in the lower side and the mouth. It was put in our mouth while sleeping and ensures to open our airway while sleeping. The dental mouthpiece for sleep apnea is similar to retainer used by boxers or rugby players. 

Two common dental mouthpiece device use for sleep apnea are; mandibular repositioning device and tongue retaining device. These two devices are to enable our lower jaw and tongue move forward while we were sleeping therefore the blockade of the airway will be eliminated. 

Somehow, dental mouthpiece for sleep apnea may cause us to have soreness when we are waking up, the saliva build-up, some nausea indication or perhaps it will be a position change of our jaw.

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