Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surgical options for sleep apnea

Surgical options for sleep apnea
Those who have severe level of sleep apnea disorder often take surgical options for sleep apnea. This is when the therapy such as CPAP cannot improve at any point the condition of sleep apnea patient. Even though the percentage of the unsuccessful CPAP therapy is low, the surgery is still what people consider as the instant getaway of sleep apnea disorder. Do not take any of the surgical options for sleep apnea if you are still in a mild level of sleep apnea disorder, because things you will sacrifice is more important.

Surgical options for sleep apnea: How it works?

Surgical options for sleep apnea are various. By the growth of researches in many countries, sleep apnea surgery no has many faces. These are some of sleep apnea surgeries:
  • Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or we know as UPPP. This is the most common surgery taken by patients. It is the removal of some tissues on tonsils so that the throat may have the wider airway.
  • Trachea surgery. It is considered more effective than UPPP but less known. 

Surgical options for sleep apnea and snoring

The surgery is probably the last option of the sleep apnea patient choices. The surgery is not as effective for sleep apnea disorder compare to the one for snoring. As the matter of fact, sleep apnea patients often find it difficult to though a surgery because the doctor must examine which part of the throat of patients that causes sleep apnea. Snoring can be very well cured by surgery. Surgery for snoring divides into two, for adults and children. Most of them have a clear cause to spoil their sleep. Children used to have tonsil and the snoring caused by it. By removing some tissues in it, snoring caused by it can be healed of surgery. For adults, surgery is a very good option to overcome snoring. The surgical options for sleep apnea and snoring should be decided well.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snoring Appliances

Snoring appliances
Snoring while sleeping is a common situation we found in many people. For those who has snoring issues, when they wake up they will have dry mouth and sore throat as the result of snoring activity. When people snore, they tend to open their mouth while sleeping. Snoring is happened due to the blockade of airway system, therefore, the jaw tend to open in order to ease the airway system in breathing. Snoring is an issue of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that should be cared. One of the ways to take care snoring is by using snoring appliances

Choosing snoring appliances

Snoring appliances are widely used by people with snoring issue. The need of snoring appliances is due to the danger of untreated snoring will cause to heart attack, high blood pressure, morning headache, dry mouth, etc. All night, snoring is an activity of getting more way to get oxygen; therefore, it was a tired some. 

The appliances for snoring are such as;

  • Dental Splint or Mandibular Advancement Device. These devices are based on the consultation between ENT doctors with the dentist. The device is such a mouthpiece or retainer as used by athletes, but it's customized based on the need of patient. The aim of the device is to stop snoring by moving the jaw forward to enable the muscle tone on the airway tighten therefore there will be more oxygen and it’s going to be no more snore. There are so many kind of dental splint available in the market, both prescribed by the dentist or factories made. 
  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). CPAP is snoring appliances used a machine stringed with a soft pipe to a face mask worn by patient of sleep apnea to prevent snoring issues. Similar to dental splint, CPAP is working in the principle of opening the airway's blockade. 
Before choosing the snoring appliances, be sure to consult your ENT doctors and dentist.